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Eric Omondi fires back at men who criticised him for dressing like a women

Comedian Eric Omondi has viciously hit back at men who once ridiculed him for doing his online skits in the public arena dressed like women.

According to the self-proclaimed King of Comedy, he wonders why some people are keen on criticizing him when they catch him in feminine outfits and makeup while shooting his comedy skits.

According to the funnyman, the idlers jeered at him and criticized him for rocking women’s clothes and shamelessly pacing around the city not knowing he was working.

“Everybody loves to see the GLORY but nobody wants to hear the STORY. So Recently I was shooting a clip in Nairobi West dressed as a woman with full make up on and there was this group of Four Men seated at a corner chewing Miraa, 3 of them kept shouting “Hizi ni gani budaa, kwani umekosa job?” I just Smiled and kept on. I finished, went and got rid of the make up and Costume and as I walked out a guy who had been washing my Car (Range Rover) drove it right to me next to the four guys chewing Miraa. You could have had a pin drop because of the very awkward silence. I gave the Car wash guy 4 Thousand Shillings and as I got into the car it was my Turn to shout…”Tafadhali nunulia vijana chai” as I pointed at the four men.” He wrote

went on to add that after he was done with the videos’ production, he hopped into his range rover which was strategically parked in car wash just aside, gifted the cleaner KSh 4,000, and drove off.

It may look petty but Eric explained the onlookers nearby were left tongue-tied as he popped his head out from the vehicle’s window and advised the cleaner to buy each of them a cup of tea.

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