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Drone tasked to deliver wedding rings malfunctions,crashes – WATCH

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A wedding went viral on social media, after a drone meant to deliver wedding rings for the couple, malfunctioned, and crashed after flying off.

From the video posted on Instagram, we can see the church wedding stopping for a while after the drone fails to work.

Unfortunately for the couple, the high-tech delivery of rings did not go as planned, and they were almost in tears.

The drone flew close enough to the couple, ready to deliver the rings, but as it was descending, it failed to work.

One of its operators came to check why the drone was acting up, and not landing safely.

The tech tried to control the drone but to no avail. It began flying helter-skelter in the church.

This couple, just like recent ones, preferred having a drone to deliver their rings, since page boys are considered outdated.

They desired to have a memorable occasion but sadly, the drone acted up.

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