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Drama at Late Kaloleni’s burial as Aaliyah Khan fight with his girlfriend

A fight was witnessed at a club in Eldoret barely hours after the burial of the late Instagram influencer and stylish Kaloleni.

It was believed that the deceased girlfriend and Youtuber, Aaliyah Khan got into a fight.

Videos of them rowdy in a club and being escorted out as well started making rounds on social media.

This got heated that Aaliyah ended up losing her phone and one shoe.

In the viral video making headlines on social media, Muchera can be seen held by a guy who’s trying to calm her down as she is agitated with Aaliyah Khan behind her.

After they were escorted outside the club the two ladies were yet again seen arguing.

Taking to her social media page Aaliyah banished the romours posting a video of her and Muchera all cosy followed by a post saying, “She was fighting with me not against me!”

On the other hand, Muchera also took to her page to clear the air saying, “And for the record, I was fighting Aaliyah, I was defending her… get clear news before posting sh*tty stuff and ruining people’s private lives.”

The two finished by asking people to let Kaloleni rest in peace.

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