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DP Ruto on the spot over remarks on availability of livestock in Congo


Deputy President William Ruto has found himself in the receiving end of criticism from a Congolese activist Francine Muyumba over remarks regarding the availability of livestock in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Speaking during a rally in Nyeri on Monday February,14, Ruto appeared to suggest that the Democratic Republic of Congo has no cow.

“Tuko na soko kuanzia hapa DRC, hawa watu wako 90 million na hawana hata ng’ombe moja,” DP Ruto said.

The statement did not go down well with a section of Congolese people including Haut-Katanga Senetor Muyumba who demand an apology from the DP, terming his remarks an insult.

She further went on to questions why Kenya signed an economic deals with DRC if his claims were true.

“Mr. Vice Preisident William Ruto, this is really unacceptable, with all due respect there is a need to withdraw this statement If DRC did not have a single cow how could Kenya sign economic deals with DRC, EquityBCDC is currently making money in Congo, this is an insult,” Muyumba wrote.

The Senator warned the DP to be diplomatic smart because DRC were a friend to Kenya.

“We are friends to #KENYA, A candidate running for the highest office of the Country William Ruto needs to be diplomatically conscious as KENYA needs to strengthen economic ties in the region for Kenya’s internal Economic growth. KenyaAirway is now flying in some of our big cities,” Francine stated.

Other Congolese people also called out the DP stating that he is lacking vision and he is prioritising himself instead of the country.


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