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Coolest Black Men Haircuts

1.  Drop fade.

You have to get your hair to be longer in the Middle by your barber. That fades give it a cool effect as it perfectly matches those with curly hair. Pairing it with Afro or Twist will make it cooler and keep a fresh glimpse.

2. Burst fade.

Fade haircuts in a different arc, making it appear as if busting out from the ear. Try out the bold and attention-grabbing Style.

3. Mohawk-fade haircut.

Mohawk rose to popularity within the Punk movement in the 70s. There have been more styles of the same with advancements. Afro-textured is a perfect match of the style because it has a natural volume that can stand without support so if you have admired this, why not give it a try?

4. Fade haircuts + line.

You can take your fade haircut to the next level. By adding a line that gives it a cool effect that immediately draws attention. Have a barber who can give it a classic fade and a line.

5. Fade haircut + designs.

You can go to the next level and ask your barber to try out the design to give it a unique look that will make you stand out from the crowd. The options are endless, anything possible design you can think works best for you!

6. Curly fade haircut.

The faded sides add a structure and definition, contrasted with the curly fade to reflect your style and personality. It perfectly blends with your hairline, fade, and beards.

7. Skin fade.

Also called a bald fade; the clean lines and definition will make your features-particularly jawline and cheekbones appear sharper. You can also contrast a bald fade with a longer style such as a twist to give it more structure and attitude.

8. Bald fade.

It fades tapers down to completely clean shaved skin, with the fact that you will require to visit the barber more than often to keep the hairstyles sharp. It is cool to go with- it gives a sharp look, a clean, contemporary, masculine, and versatile glimpse.

9. Mid fade.

It starts between a low fade and a temp fade. It gives the sharp contrast between the long and the short section in creating a semi-cut look.

10. Low fade.

It’s that just above your ears and face down to your neck stylish and sophisticated, but the style is good for a more understated look.

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