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Common types of women you will find in Eldoret town

Just like any other town in the country, Eldoret is full of amazing things including the green land, fresh air, the girls among others. And as the town continue to populate in Uasin Gishu County, more and different breeds of women have occupied spaces there.

Visiting Eldoret town will be advantageous to you as you will get a woman of your type as you wish.

As you plan your visit, here is a list of women you expect to find in Eldoret town.


This breed of women tweng alot and embarrasse themselves with broken English. They are outgoing and would always flood their social media pages with photos of themselves in expensive malls to show off how they lead a ‘posh life’.

However, that is not the case. They don’t even own a cent because they are parasites that depend on old men better known as ‘Sponsors’ or sponyos. The slayqueens are not ready for any serious relationship. Do not be fooled! They want your money and after that they move to the next sponsor.

So, if you want to settle with one good lady, avoid the slayqueen type!

The Shambalistique

My guy, this one comes deep from the shagz and you will have more coaching, taming and polishing to do than love. Just from her accent, you would not want to introduce her to your city friends because you don’t want to embarrass yourself.

The Shambalistique woman has no make up clue, doesn’t know how to clad and to make it worse her discolored dental formula is a turn off.


This breeds are from Langas and always call themselves ‘born-tao’. Most of them have been holed up there since they were born and when they meet a good looking man they would always lie and convince him they come from West Indies.

Party Animal

They are mostly in their 20s but due to consumption of too much hard drinks their faces are emaciated and one would confuse them with a 40-year-old woman.

Her weekends start at exactly 4pm on Friday. She is kind off popular in every club in Eldoret and would not be ‘formless’ any weekend. Alcohol always finds it’s way in her throat.

She will return home on Sunday after partying for three good days dancing and screaming in every joint.


Well Eldoret is 80 percent occupied by christians and the rest are Islams and other religions. These women are so dedicated to the church and would do anything for the church and they live by the moto ‘this world is not my home.’

If you are not saved then forget about winning her heart. When you’re lucky to get a religious woman for yourself just keep in mind that your favorite magazine is going to be replaced with the Holy Bible.

Educated women

Eldoret is also full of women who are so learned. I mean this breed of women strongly believe that education is the key to modern life.

She has studied and still studies and has ensured that her children are admitted to the best schools in the town.

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