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Chipmurnk: Michelle Ntalami introduces new bae months after break up with Makena Njeri

Popular personality Michelle Ntalami has found love again months after an ugly break up with former BBC journalist Makena Njeri.

On Thursday, June 23 while celebrating her 38th birthday, Michelle decided it is time her fans knew who her new bae was.

She introduced her new beautiful girlfriend only identified as Maria alias Chipmurnk leaving all men and women who were eyeing on her envious.

The pretty lass held a successful birthday party at the Raddison Blue Hotel in Nairobi where she invited her close friends and few family member.

After the party while headed home to take a nap, she recorded a few clips while inside a car with her new boo.

In the clip they are seen holding hands and Chipmurnk who was also driving kept on kissing Ntalami’s hand.

In a quick look at Chipmurnk’s Instagram page she reveals that she is a crossdresser of which is clearly seen from her photos as she dresses mostly like a man.

In her bio, she also indicates that she is a fashion, art and style lover of which is clearly proved by her Instagram feed.

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