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A lot of people are fans of the now popular TV series Selina, thanks to Pascal Tokodi, a lead actor on the series asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to watch the show while he was taking a stroll.

Among the actors acting in the show, there are two lead actors in the hit show who have captivated the show and helped make the show become a success it enjoys today.


Celestine Gachuhi and Pacallino Lpesinoi Lenguro Tokodi aka Pascal Tokodi who plays Selina and Nelson respectively have managed to create a husband, and wife bond on the screens that almost seems real and something that we’d love to see even more.

As much as we might be rooting for the on-screen lovers to be real-life lovers just for the sake of the fans, that can’t always be the case.

Pascal Tokodi is happily in a serious relationship with Grace Ekirapa, together they’re happy and nothing can stand in their love.


Everybody now knows that they’re dating and they’re perfectly okay with that, they just might be the next powerful celebrity couple.

Just as a fellow cast, Celestine Gachuhi is also in love with a gospel musician called Phil Kimemia.

They’re so tight and so much in love so much so that they even released a song together.

Apart from being an actor, Celestine Gachuhi is also a musician using the moniker ‘Cee’.

She released a collaborative song dubbed ‘Nema Nami’ with her boyfriend Phil Kimemia last year in May. Watch it below.

Celestine Gachuhi who might as well answer to Selina is very much happy in her relationship with Phil Kimemia happily telling the whole world that she’s happily in a committed relationship with him.

She said that with confidence at the all-girl hit show ‘Chat Spot’ in her recent interview.

They seldom share their photos together on social media but when they do, it oozes genuine love that they share for one another.

Phil Kimemia is a renowned gospel artiste who is on the come-up to the mainstream music scene having released a couple of songs under his belt.


Celestine Gachuhi hasn’t made the fame, the money, the glory get into her head, despite her achievements and accolades.

She still stayed true to self, humble and grounded, and most importantly, her love for Phil Kimemia never wavered one bit.

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Celestine Gachuhi :meet Selina’s actress real boyfriend, Phil Kimemia