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Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Man discoveres he isn’t the father of wife’s newborn

A Twitter user identified as ceorashad has opened up that he is in an hysterical disorder after discovering that the baby he sired with wife is not his.

Reusable tissues, Who will wash them?

Sharing the invention on his Twitter account, some users agreed that it was a great idea and the best way to save money. And now there were this people who wondered who would be washing the piece of clothe.

The shopping cart Theory : Understand if you are moral or immoral

A notion that is rumoring on social media suggests that a person's moral character can be defined by what they opt to do with their shopping carts.

Gingival hirsutism : Woman grows hair in her mouth

A 19-year-old lady from Italy recently visited University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli Hospital in search for answers.

Stranger surprises lady with $200 to pay her psychology license fee

She explained herself saying that she was supposed to pay the amount in order to become a licensed school psychologist.

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