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Best online companies to work for, get paid via M-pesa

Nowadays, remote work has become one of the most important changes in traditional work.

As a lever, we also had the pandemic, which forced people to stay at home and for companies to adapt to a new reality that required remote work.

Still, this is a new reality and many people still do not know how to be hired to do work over the internet. Find out how to get around the main obstacles to remote work and enter the future of the labor market now.

Types of work you can do online
We already know that not all professions can adjust to being totally remote. This is the case of work in the health field, where despite the existence of many high-tech tools, face-to-face work is not substitutable.

On the other hand, new professions linked to the technological evolution we are experiencing are beginning to emerge. In this sense, we see professions being born as is the example of Analysts and Cybersecurity or Big Data Managers.

This type of work requires solid training and, as a rule, can be carried out remotely.

However, there are a myriad of online jobs that can be learned on a self-taught basis, such as the following professions:

  • Web Developer
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Manager
  • Translation and Localization for Apps
  • Online Course Creator

Platforms for finding work online
When you decide that it’s time to find your remote job and, most likely, fill a niche in the labor market, know that there are online platforms. Among these, you can find your next job, still having all the benefits of managing your own schedules.


This is one of the most used platforms by companies to find remote workers. The platform has its own payment system, application for videoconference meetings and a points system for the worker’s profile. It is also possible to use a search engine to find jobs of the most varied types around the globe. On this platform, some fees will be charged for its use – however, they maintain an effective security system against fraud and work payments


This is an application very similar to UpWork . It is especially important that the Workana worker, already has a good profile and portfolio to present on the platform.


Fiverr is a platform that allows you to work in an even more informal way. This platform allows users to publish the type of project or talent they have, so that they can be searched for by other users. It also has a system of points and comments on users’ skills.

Debt Collectors

This companies are several in Kenya, basically they hire Kenyans to work remotely by helping in debt collection based on commission terms.

Example of such firms you can find work include but not limited to Excel Credit Management Solutions, Calm Recoveries Limited, Swipe Recoveries Limited, Nairobi Private Investigators – kenya. Glichery Skip-Trace Limited. Evenrecon Limited, Exceptional debt management services

First remote job: some advice
Now that you’ve found your first remote job, remember the following tips:
Prepare a list of tasks with the time needed to complete – remember that you will not have someone to manage your work.
Stay presentable in all your communications – it doesn’t matter so much how you are dressed, but the tone of your emails.
Managing your time is also getting to know your best productivity moments – there will be days when inspiration will be better than others.

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