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Bahati irked as Stivo Simple Boy proposes to Diana Marua

Rapper Stivo Simple Boy has left social media users excited after proposing to singer Bahati’s wife rapper Diana Marua aka Diana B during a sit-down interview on her YouTube channel.

The Freshi barida hitmaker poured his heart out for the content creator noting that she had a great physique and further asked her to be his wife

“How are you doing? You look beautiful and you body is perfect. Can you be my wife?” he asked.

Amused Diana shared a trailer of the show on her Instagram page and captioned it with a message noting that she did not expect Stivo to hit on her and was actually shocked.

“I mean, you call someone for a serious interview and out of the blues he declares his life for you. I’m still in shock but we move on regardless,” she wrote on her Instagram page.

Diana Marua and Stivo Simple Boy during an interview

Bahati camped at the comment section noting he was surprised how confident Stivo was while shooting his shot at his wife and further threatened to rough him up.

“Huyu Jamaa Nitamchapaaaa … Fresh Barida Kitu Ganiii,” Bahati stated while deriding Stivo’s popular catchphrase.

Social media users were exhilarated and wasted zero time to share their thoughts.

Minah Koi: “It seems Bahati will cry very soon.”

Daphney Amisi: “Stivo will be the end of me.”

Charlo OG: “Bahati be careful, someone here might elope with your wife.”

King Nzioki: “We should know what Stivo smokes.”

faithllemo: Ati unaendeleaje mathe

Bahati: unatokwa bibi apa

daphney_amisi: Stevo will be the end of me

_its_belinda: si I thought stevo anapenda vienyeji

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