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Alfred Mutua reveals he’ll not change A&L hotel name

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Machakos county governor Alfred Mutua and ex-wife Lilian Ng’ang’a have been applauded for their maturity following their break up.

Mutua and Lilian were together for 10 years before recently calling it quits with each other. Mutua said they met on a flight and fell in love, and despite the break up, they remain friends.

“I remember when and where I met Lilian. It was inside an aeroplane many years ago. And it was love at first sight for both of us. We just connected and went on to share great moments for years. Every day has been special for us and I treasure the memories we have made together,” Mutua said in an interview with Nation.

Mutua also shed light to why they broke up, saying they went through challenges in their relationship.

“Different people are going through different challenges in their relationships, and mine and Lilian’s was no different. The only difference was that we were bold enough to go public about ours,” he said.

The governor added that because their relationship was known to the public, they felt the need to publicize the break up.

“Relationships are very fluid. They are like politics; today you are here and tomorrow you are there. But they are still personal,” Mutua said.

Mutua also felt the need to address concerns on whether their A&L (Alfred & Lilian Hotel) will change the name.

“There were concerns about what would happen to the name of the hotel we built together, and which we named A&L Hotel. But why would I change the name now? This is still our hotel. It is our baby. When parents divorce, do they deny their babies the right to use the names on the birth certificates?” Alfred clarified.

Mutua also clarified that the reason he invited Lilian to his 51st birthday was because they are still friends.

Besides, he hinted at not being in a hurry to remarry, by referring to how late former President Daniel Moi ruled for 24 years without a first lady.

“While her appearance at the party got people thinking that we are faking our break up, we weren’t. We are living our lives. Now, I have been asked whether people should expect another First Lady for Machakos before my term ends. My answer is simple: Moi ruled this country for 24 years without a First Lady. I am a man who believes in the mantra of ‘one woman at a time’. Maybe it is my Christian ideology, but for me, it has always been one woman at a time,” he said.

The wise man also advised men to love their woman and not have other relationships while in marriage.

“Have your woman and love her, and if you want someone else, leave her and go have that somebody else. Don’t have your wife and then have two or three concubines taking money and spreading diseases,” Mutua advised men.

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