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7 reasons why nose piercing is becoming popular in Kenyan

Nose piercing amongst Kenyan women is no longer a new thing , the male gender also have embraced the trend hence it has actually gained popularity that a big population now have the piercing.

Celebrities both male and female such as Harmonize , Diamond Platnumz, Chris Brown , Davido , Nana Owiti , Kush Tracey and many more both in Kenya and world wide have nose piercings. This has contributed majorly in the trend since celebrities are being to be influencers of what is trendy , cool and fashionable.

Besides ear piercings , nose piercings have also become the most popular piercing. Nose piercing is the piercing of any part of the nose for the purpose of wearing a jewel.

There are different varieties of nose piercings such as the nostril piercing , septum piercing , bridge piercing ,high nostril , triple nostril piercing, double nostril piercing, Septril piercing , Austin bar piercing , Nasallang piercing and Vertical tip piercing . But the most popular and famous nose piercing is the nostril piercing.

However the nose piercing comes in handy with a lot of aftercare and maintenance from the first day of the piercing until it heals to avoid infections or swelling since it’s a delicate part of the body.

Below are some of the interesting reasons Kenyan ladies have nose piercing.

For most of the Kenyan ladies nose piercing is a form of beauty .To enhance beauty and also it is considered as a fashion trend.

In other communities it is used to differentiate between married women and single ladies .

It is also believed that a nose piercing may have a meaning depending on the side of the piercing either the right or left. For some the left side is appropriate for ladies since it is believed to ease labor pains and menstrual cramps. Hence it’s more advised for the ladies to have a piercing on the left side while men on the right to distinguish the two.

Men were also believed in some communities to have piercings to show how much wealth one has. The bigger the nose ring the more wealthier one is.

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