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3 weird burial rituals the Kalenjin community perform

In every communities, funerals are conducted in different ceremonies depending on their cultures belief and ritual. In some, the funerals are a somber affair while in others a stylistic celebration of the dead is done.

In Kenya, the kalenjin follow very strict rules and regulations before they bury the dead. The Kalenjin’s would perform different rituals depending on how the late passed on.

Here are some of the weird rituals they perform if;

The dead was not married.

The Kipsongoyat – these are the unmarried individuals in the Kalenjin community. In case a Kipsongoyat passes on the Kalenjin would let the body remain in the mortuary until the day of their burial.

They would never at any point allow their bodies to spend even a night at their house because they believe the Kipsongoyat had left nothing behind to be remembered for.

They would also slaughter only a young bull that would be feasted during the burial day.

The dead is an Infant

An infant is a young baby and in the Kalenjin community whenever an infant kicks the bucket, he or she is buried as soon as possible on that same day.

The burial ceremony is short and quick because it is and infant’s burial and has very little things to talked about.

The dead hanged themselves

If a person hangs themselves in Kalenjin community it is believed that they are a bad omen to the next generation and the case is taken very seriously.

A person that hanged themselves would be buried directly without the night vigil at home. The Kalenjin’s believe the dead left the world without living any offspring behind.

Elders of the community would then perform a cleansing ceremony to prevent further curses.

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