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Men wear pink and it does not diminish your manliness! Yes, you read that right, real men wear pink.

Pink Is A Masculine And Cool Colour For Guys

Pink is considered a feminine color, but historically, it wasn’t. For instance, in the 18th century, pink wear was deemed masculine and men wore pink suits with floral embroideries.

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Not to mention, Brooks Brothers designed the first pink dress shirt in the 1900s. The shirt was specifically designed for ladies but college boys rocked it too!

Pink Catches Ladies’ Attention

If women love the pink color, isn’t it obvious that they will be attracted to a man wearing pink? When worn properly in an appealing way, pink attracts  ladies!

Pink matches with almost every color

Pink is versatile and looks great with any skin tone. Lighter shades of pink like cherry blossom, and carnation pink look amazing when worn by men with dark complexions.

On the other hand, men with light complexions should wear darker shades like hot pink and Persian rose.

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3 Reasons Men Should start Wearing Pink