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During a radio talk show at radio Jambo with Massawe Japanni. ODM leader Raila Odinga’s daughter Winnie Odinga,, tell of all the bonds with her parents.

Winnie, 30,  shared her details about the family and among them was her the ODM boss Raila Odinga.

Winnie revealed that her father is an unreasonable person and sometimes she sniffles when she hears her dad’s opinions while watching the news.

 ”Dad is easy going but he never listens. Sometimes I am like ‘do not do that’ or ‘why did you say that’ but he never listens. Sometimes I am watching the TV and I am like ‘Oh my God!’ What made you say that?” she posed.

The character led her to move out of her parent’s home because she could not stand her parents.

”My mum is like those District Commissioners we used to have during President Moi’s era. She is a disciplinarian, but now that I am older, we do understand each other and she also respects me.”

About working with her father as Personal assistant, Winnie says she enjoys a lot.

 ”Sometimes people see us travelling together, those are the best times. We do everything together, we talk,” she added.

About family gatherings, Winnie reveals that it is hectic sometimes.

 ”People fear those family meetings. We talk yes, like Junior will give me a message and I will give it to dad, or mum will give me a message and I will pass it to Rosy, it is like in every week, I am in everybody’s house.”

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Winnie Odinga says dad hardly listen to anyone