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Nzula Makosi: Former switch TV presenter welcomes third born

 Former switch presenter Nzula Makosi is the newest celebrity Mum in town, after welcoming baby number three into her family.

In a post seen by fornow, Ms Makosi mentioned that Ariah was born on 28.01.2021, but opted to keep it a secret from the public.

The Ex-Milele FM host made the revelation at a time she was explaining to her fans why she has been dormant on social media. She also mentioned that she had the most difficult pregnancy, compared to the other two.

“I know I’ve been offline for like forever on all my social media accounts. Thank you for the messages and concern. I’m back now and will try to be on as much as I can.

40+ days ago something beautiful happened in my life. I got my blessing. A baby girl. The third fruit of my womb. The journey to getting her was the most difficult I’ve ever had in all my pregnancies. (I’ll discuss it when I’m ready)

Nonetheless my Ariah was born 28.01.2021

A special gift from the Almighty. Praise God” shared Nzula Makosi.

caterira “Wow  Congratulations Nzulah”

mwikilisha “It wasn’t an easy journey, we give thanks that God saw you through and blessed us with this bundle of joy, she’s an angel. She’s a blessing. May Ariah grow in wisdom, in stature and in favour with God and man.”

rozinahmwakideu “Congratulations ”

hengspear_ke “Congracts nzulaaah”

joyce.kihiu.735 “Welcome back, Ooh we are twins myne came 29th,we giv God All the Glory for the gift of motherhood ”

mshaibrenda “Congratulations 

Nzula who used to host Chat-Spot, parted ways with Switch TV back in August 2019, barely after a year to focus on other personal projects that need her undivided attention.


She joined the Kenya Red Cross owned station (Switch TV) back in September 2018.

Before joining Switch TV, Nzula worked with Milele FM. She hosted Milele FM Drive Show alongside comedian Cleophas Awinja aka Otoyo. Earlier on, she co-hosted the ‘Bangaiza’ show alongside Allan Wakori.

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